Why Outlook is better than Gmail? | Outlook vs Gmail

Since Microsoft Outlook and Gmail applications are so natural and known to all, it isn’t important to talk about the historical backdrop of both here. The significant components are, which email customers are having more highlights and capacities when contrasted with the other. Without a doubt we can guarantee, MS Outlook over Gmail.

Whatever factor thought about like, interface, organizer, names, stockpiling, look, availability, record designs, connection limits, email the board, spam, channels, expansions, and additional items, and so on. Microsoft Outlook stands first.

So now we should see the advantages of Outlook over Gmail in a snappy look. This blog will assist you with understanding the motivation behind why we guarantee Outlook is better than Gmail.

Why Outlook is better than Gmail?

An email application like MS Outlook and Gmail is having numerous information things in it. MS Outlook contains information things like messages, contacts, schedules, assignments, notes, diaries, and so on. It’s critical to know where this information is put away. Gmail stores information in the worker while Outlook stores information in a record called Personal Folder File (PST) locally on the framework hard drive. Since Microsoft Outlook is a work area based framework, a client can undoubtedly open and view messages and other information put away in an Outlook PST document without web availability. This element makes numerous clients think Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail.

As we have talked about in the past segment, messages in MS Outlook can be gotten to in disconnected mode. You can open and read any messages, errands, notes, diaries, and even can send messages. Even though the email will get sent just when a web association is accessible. The truth of the matter is you can work disconnected productively.

One can sort their envelopes in order according to their prerequisite. Arranging messages in Gmail is not excessively simple. Likewise, a client can sort messages. Numerous classifications help to characterize it more productively. The classification can be anything from messages, email arrangements, errands, and so forth. The shading coding alternative gives more visual clearness to a client while thinking about the arrangement and classification.

Since Gmail messages are put away on their worker, if you for all time erase them from your record, it will be hard to recuperate it following 30 days of cancellation. Gmail gives a choice to recuperate your messages from the junk of Gmail inside 30 days of perpetual cancellation (for example Move + Delete or Delete from Trash). Following 30 days Gmail requests that you fill a structure to recoup the lost messages. However, this strategy is just having possibilities, yet not a penny rate guarantee. While considering Microsoft Outlook in a similar situation for recouping forever erased messages, it is conceivable by outsider applications on the off chance that you are having PST records. One can likewise fix and fix undermined and harmed PST documents, to recuperate and reestablish information in Outlook individual envelope record.


It is obvious from over that, Microsoft Outlook is having many progressed highlights when contrasted with Gmail. Here we are not guaranteeing that Gmail isn’t acceptable, Gmail is having numerous highlights that are valuable and supportive to its clients. Be that as it may, while considering MS Outlook email customers, it remains over Gmail from various perspectives. As we have examined in the above segments, from examinations of Outlook Vs Gmail, it is clear why Microsoft Outlook is better than Gmail.